We are currently recruiting supporters!

AIRY promotes local international exchange and cooperation activities with the help and participation of Yamagata citizens. We recruit members in order to ensure the support and approval of as many people as possible.

Annual Membership Fee
Individual Membership: 3,000 yen per person

Membership Period
One year starting from time of registration

Membership Benefits
★Mailing of AIRY's newsletters: AIRY (Japanese) and Face to Face (English/ Japanese/ Korean/ Chinese) 3 times a year.

★Early notification of lectures, study seminars and exchange activities held at AIRY

★Free 2-hour parking at the Hanagasa Car Park and Richmond Hotel North Car Park when you come to our paid events

★Discounts for Foreign Language Classes, Seminars and other events planned by AIRY, and free entry to our regular events

How to Apply
If you would like to become a supporting member, please contact us. Thank you for your support!











Click here to see AIRY's Facebook Page!
Click here to see AIRY's Facebook Page!
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Follow AIRY on Twitter!


Yamagata City Jonan-Machi

Kajo Central, 2nd Floor

Yamagata Prefecture International Exchange Center 

Tel: 023-647-2560  Fax. 023-646-8860