Information Regarding COVID-19 in Yamagata

Please Note: These posts are not official translations. They are translated by the two prefectural Coordinators for International Relations (CIR) in Yamagata to provide COVID-19 related information to the English-speaking residents of Yamagata.


We source our information from Prefectural and Municipal Press Conferences, official network channels of Yamagata Prefecture (i.e. Youtube, Twitter), and Yamagata Newspaper articles.

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As the number of COVID-19 cases rise, it has become increasingly difficult to convey all the information quickly on this page. If you would like information about COVID-19 as soon as they are released, please follow the official Yamagata Pref COVID-19 Updates Twitter account!

Have questions? 


COVID-19 Medical Consultation Center in Yamagata (Japanese Only)


0120-88-0006 (Toll Free)


AMDA Medical Information Center

Multilingual Consultation Service


Can do three-way interpretretation calls to health centers, hospitals, etc.


TEL: 03-6233-9266

Consultation in English

Weekdays: 10:00 to 15:00

Not open on holidays and Dec. 29th ~ Jan 3rd 


AIRY English Consultation (Yamagata Prefecture)



Phone: 023-646-8861 (Ask for English and they'll transfer you to an English speaker)

Hours: Tue - Sat 10:00 ~ 17:00

    Note: You can also call 080-3333-6097 for a direct line.

Immigration Services Agency


May 12th, 2020 Update: Announcement Regarding An Extension of the Period for Acceptance of Applications


April 3rd, 2020 Update: Announcement Regarding An Extension of the Period for Acceptance of Applications



Other information can be found on CLAIR's website.

English News Resources 


Yamagata Prefectural Portal Site Information Regarding COVID-19

PDF of English translation found below. The official Yamagata Prefectural Government site in Japanese with automatic English translation can be found here.


Preventing COVID-19 and Stopping Its Spread

A multilingual site about the virus from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Also lists local call centers and foreign language services for each Prefecture.


Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet

Information from Prime Minister Abe and his Cabinet can be found here.


NHK World - Japan

News from NHK World - Japan found here.


NHK Workd - Japan: Multilingual Emergency Updates

The NHK World-Japan portal site with news regarding information about coronavirus and other emergencies in English and easy Japanese


CLAIR - Multilingual Information About COVID-19

Announcements from various ministries, consulates, immigration services, and others that have been translated into various langauges.


Point And Speak Chart For COVID-19

A PDF about different phrases you can use in regards to COVID-19 with 13 different langauges.


Regarding 100,000 Yen Payment from the Japanese Government

Some answers regarding the payment by Real Estate Japan, especially in regards to foreign residents of Japan.

Regarding 100,000 Yen Payment from the Japanese Government
Some notes translated from Asahi Shinbun.
Notes on 100,000 Yen Payment from Japane
PDFファイル 46.6 KB

Regarding the 100,000 Yen Special Cash Payment


English Document from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications


NHK World-Japan also summarizes the points about the payment.


Many municipalities around the country and within the prefecture have started to mail out applications for the 100,000 yen cash payment to subsidize expenses due to COVID-19.


You can get your payment in one of two ways: Through the forms that will be sent to your address or via online. According to Tokyo Cheapo, there are additional steps needed to apply online, so we recommend doing it via the form that will be sent to your residence.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has published multilingual sample versions of the application form so please visit this website and scroll down to the file titled "English" for more information and guidance! Please note you will still need to send in the Japanese version that was mailed out to you.


Real Estate Japan has published a blog post with English translations of the application form if you need assistance filling it out.


As of May 20th, 2020, all 35 municipalities within Yamagata have already mailed applications out to their residents.

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