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Happy summer everyone! Although we are pretty restricted in terms of how to enjoy the summer, I hope everyone is doing fine! 


In this issue of Face To Face, since we were not comfortable exploring the Prefecture for the usual "Yamagata In Focus" section, we decided to do something completely different! We reached out to five former Coordinators of International Relations (CIRs) in Yamagata to catch up on their lives and to hear their experiences and memories being here! We were able to track down the first CIR in AIRY (thanks Noreen!) as well as a municipal CIR who was placed in Yonezawa City (thanks Mony!), a Chinese CIR (thanks Chou-san!), a CIR in grad school whose focus is on multi-cultural coexistance (thanks Derek!) and a former CIR who is working for the Olympic and Paralymic Committee (thanks Jasmine!)!


Everyone had a different perspective and something to say about their time, and it was a thrill to listen to their stories. Reading through all the stories gave me a chance to reflect on my time in Yamagata and what kind of memories I want to have. Thank you all who helped with this project! We couldn't fit all of the interviews into the newsletter, so you can find the extended interviews here!


For the "Counselling Corner", there is information about the One-Stop Guidance Center for Foreign Residents so please read through to learn more about our services!


You can download the current issue by clicking on the image above or find past issues of our newsletter here!


We publish Face to Face three times a year. Each newsletter includes an exploration of a specific part of Yamagata, various voices and opinions from other foreigners living in Yamagata, as well as some tips and advice from our counselling corner.


We're always looking for writers for our International Insights section so feel free to contact us if you're interested!

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