Asahi-machi Winery

Written by: Jasmine Li


I am not an expert on wine or anything, but I had a truly pleasant visit to the Asahi-machi Winery last week! First of all, who have known that there were so many wineries in Yamagata! Apparently, Yamagata is even one of the top 3 wine production sites in all of Japan.


The town of Asahi is located in northwest region of the prefecture. It is famous for its delicious apples and wine.


The Asahi-machi winery was first established in 1944, but the company used to work under a subcontract for a bigger company without its own brand. In 1979, it produced its first original brand named “Asahi-machi Wine.” According to the director of the winery, the company had gone through many struggles and failures until it successfully sold its first Asahi-machi wine.


In the winery shop, you can find a wide selection of local wines, organized neatly by its price range and sweetness. Kim-san and I both agreed that we liked the sweetest wine, with very low alcoholic content. Jin-san pointed out the wine that he thought would be the most appealing for Chinese customers, while Alex seemed to have enjoyed the premium wine, which was very dry.


For those wine-lovers, I definitely recommend the Asahi-machi winery! The winery also hold an annual wine festival and other wine-related events with the community, which I certainly hope to attend.



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