2017 Murayama Tourism PR Video Contest

1 Purpose

In order to create greater awareness amongst foreign visitors and residents of tourist attractions available in the Murayama Region, we invite creators to make a video to introduce their favourite Murayama tourist attractions to friends and family in their home country, and upload publicly through social media.


2 Outline

Entrants are to make a video in English introducing an attraction that they would like family, friends and other foreigners to know about – and how to find this attraction – and upload through Facebook and video sharing sites (e.g. Youtube) publicly. The winning entry will then be announced out of these videos.


3 Details

Videos introducing tourist attractions in English or Traditional Chinese (for Taiwanese audiences) must adhere to the following rules:

(1) Language: English or Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

(2) Length of less than 10 minutes

(3) Must be a newly entered and publicized video

(4) The video must contain a tourist attraction in the Murayama region that the entrant would like to introduce to their friends and family, and details on how to reach the attraction.

(5) The video must contain an English or Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) introduction and explanation.

(6) No inappropriate language may be used in the video.

(7) Copyright in the video used is to be attributed to the Yamagata Area Tourism Association.


4 Application Requirements

People with an interest in Yamagata and are able to go to the Murayama region and film a video


5 Application Deadline

1st Session: 20th November 2017

2nd Session: 12th March 2018


6 How to Submit

Entrants may submit using one of the two methods below:

(1) Upload the video to Youtube or another video sharing site, and send an email to ymurayamasangyo@pref.yamagata.jp including the URL and the creator’s name, address, phone number and email address.

(2) Upload the video to Facebook, and send an email to ymurayamasangyo@pref.yamagata.jp including the creator’s name, address, phone number and email address.


7 Prize

The winning entrant will receive a trip for two to an onsen lodge in the Murayama region. Other entrants will receive a participation prize.


8 Judging

Judging will be managed by the Yamagata Area Tourism Association Visitor Reception Department


9 Application and Contact

Yamagata Prefecture Murayama Region Office Department of Industry and Economy, Regional Industry and Economy Section, Tourism Development Office

Teppomachi 2-Chome, 19-68 Yamagata 990-2492

Tel: 023-621-8846 (direct line)

Fax: 023-621-8445

Email: ymuayamagasangyo@pref.yamagata.jp


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