AIRY recruits international exchange volunteers from among the citizens of Yamagata Prefecture. There are no prerequisites for volunteers; anyone who is interested is more than welcome to register!

Language Volunteers
1.Interpreting (international meetings, various events, and guiding at sightseeing locales)
2.Translating (documents, correspondence, etc.)
3.Language Instruction (tutoring of Japanese or foreign languages)
4.Conversation Partner (chat in a foreign language or Japanese)

Host Family Volunteers
Hosting of foreigners in the volunteer's home, deepening of international understanding and cultural exchange while experiencing the daily life of a Japanese household.

Event Assistance Volunteers
1.Introduction of Culture (Japanese calligraphy, flower arrangement, kimono wearing, etc. to other people)
2.Project Assistance (assist with events held by AIRY or by regional international organizations)
3.Information Assistance (inform AIRY of international exchange/cooperation projects in your area)

Registration Period
Registration as a volunteer will continue from your registration and unless otherwise requested. You may ask us to remove you from the volunteer registry at any time.

Implementation Procedures
Whenever AIRY or a regional organization needs volunteers, we will contact the appropriate individuals and, after confirming their availability, will request their assistance or put them in contact with the requesting organization. Volunteers will then discuss details of their assignment with the requesting organization. Except in cases where AIRY is at fault, AIRY is not responsible for problem(s) that may arise between the volunteer and the requesting organization.

Joint Registration
AIRY does not distribute any information contained in the volunteer registration forms to outside entities; however, we do have a mutual registration system with the Yamagata City International Exchange Association (YIFA), so that when requests for volunteer assistance are received at either office, appropriate volunteers may be sought from both sources. We ask volunteers who would like to be registered under this dual system to allow us to share registration details with the City International Exchange Association.

How to Apply
We accept volunteer applications at any time. We will send details and application forms to anyone who wishes to register. You may download and print out the facsimile application form at the bottom of the page. You can also contact us at AIRY and we will send or fax you the forms.

Language Volunteer Form
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