AIRY Library

The AIRY Salon and Library Corner is open to the public at all times AIRY is open (Tue - Sun from 10 am to 6 pm).

Our Library Corner hosts one of the largest English book collection in Yamagata including literature, non-fiction and Japanese textbooks. We also have books in Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Tagalog for anyone interested. Books can be borrowed for up to one month- and AIRY membership is not required. Our library corner also features a public computer with FREE INTERNET available for use. We also have a mini-TV and VHS player, which is also pretty cool!

We offer free refreshments in our salon and it's a nice, quiet atmosphere, so it's a great place to come and chill out or study in peace and quiet. 

Leaving Yamagata? Doing some spring cleaning? If you find you've got some English language books you'd like to get rid of - bring them around to us - we're always happy to receive donations to the library, no matter the book conditions.

AIRY is a safe, welcoming space for all people to enjoy. Why not stop by and have a chat? You can chat with us or you can chat with the always friendly Colin... (He's a great listener)...

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Click here to see AIRY's Facebook Page!
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