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A shrine on top of Mt. Zao

"Face to Face" is a multilingual newsletter produced by AIRY for the benefit of Yamgata prefecture's foreign residents. Editions appear bi-annually in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Tagalog. The newsletter regularly features a cultural insight or experience reported on by AIRY's Coordinator for International Relations, advice from our Foreign Residents Counselling Service and feature written by a foreign resident living in the prefecture. If you have, for example, been to a festival, tried out a recipe, joined a local club, or been on a trip within the prefecture and would like to tell us all about it- Please don't hestitate to get in touch with us!

Yamagata’s Sake Breweries and Wineries, International Insights: Brenda Zhang, Chinese Consulate in Niigata: Travel Requests in Sendai
【英語】F2F 第79__英語版(final).pdf
PDFファイル 759.7 KB
Mogami Region’s “Mogami Town Shin Soba Festival”, International Insights: Marcus Canning, Living in Yamagata’s Snow: One Point Advice
【英語】F2F 第78__英語版(最終).pdf
PDFファイル 1'000.9 KB
Boat Touring on Nagai City’s Hyakushū Lake, International Insights: Mikhaela Köhlo, Niigata Chinese Consulate: Sendai Temporary Reception Desk Overview
【英語】F2F 第77号_最終.pdf
PDFファイル 847.9 KB
Tsuruoka City’s Painted Candles, Words from a Survivor of Culture Shock, AIRY’s Counseling Service for Foreign Residents
【英語】F2F 第76号 (最終版).pdf
PDFファイル 694.9 KB
Shinjo City’s Kameaya-ori, What can we do to challenge assumptions?, Traffic Rules You Should Know
【英語】F2F 第75号.pdf
PDFファイル 1.0 MB
Safflower Dyeing at the Kahoku-cho Benibana Shiryokan, Understanding Multicultural Diversity , National Pension Lump-sum Withdrawals
【英語】F2F 第74号.pdf
PDFファイル 1.1 MB
Creating Kasafuku, Learning about Japan through Yamagata, Using “My Number”
PDFファイル 1.0 MB
The Sakai Winery, Kathryn Cwynar, About the ‘My Number’ System
【英語】F2F 第72号.pdf
PDFファイル 705.5 KB
Hijiori Onsen, The Road to International Understanding, Information Regarding Counseling for Foreign Residents
【英語】F2F 第71号 最終版.pdf
PDFファイル 866.2 KB
Sakata City Maiko, Li Mingming, Getting involved at AIRY
【英語】F2F 第70号.pdf
PDFファイル 799.3 KB
Painting Otaka-Popp in Yonezawa City, A Community in which to Live and Learn, Counseling Corner,
PDFファイル 893.2 KB
Asahi-machi-Apples and Ostriches, Choi Jeong Pal, Counseling Corner, Editor's Note.
PDFファイル 937.4 KB
Cruising down the Mogami River, Connecting Outside the Classroom, Counseling Corner, Editor's Note.
PDFファイル 1'019.6 KB
Tanba Art Rice Planting, Wang Xue Yan, Counseling Corner, Editor's Note
PDFファイル 1.4 MB
Becoming Kasedori, Onsen in Yamagata, Message from CIR, Yamagata Living Guidebook
PDFファイル 4.1 MB
Maiko and Ryotei, Differences in Weather, Greetings from the New American CIR, Japan Legal Support Center offers multilingual interpretation
PDFファイル 18.6 MB
JET Participants Volunteer at Futabaso Children’s Home, Two Years in Yamagata, Greeting from the New Chinese CIR, Counseling Corner: Introducing a Toll-Free Helpline for Foreign Residents
EN F2F63.pdf
PDFファイル 16.2 MB
Heirloom Plants of Yamagata, What Mt. Gassan Taught Me, New Resident Management System
EN F2F62.pdf
PDFファイル 5.1 MB
Where Philosophy Meets Nature: Kurashi Kobo, Eating Right - The New American Food Culture, New Resident Management System, New Chinese CIR in Yamagata
F2F61 English Final.pdf
PDFファイル 774.4 KB
Tsuruoka Kamo Aquarium, the Musical Charity Event "Tohoku Smile", Tagalog counseling, Information for Chinese Passport Holders, the Philippines Consulate-General of Morioka Closed, New Korean CIR in Yamagata
English F2F60.pdf
PDFファイル 1.0 MB
March 2011
The Snow Lantern Festival, The Japanese Dream,Counseling Corner
PDFファイル 505.8 KB
December 2010
Yamagata Pottery: Hirashimizuyaki, Two Local Perspectives on the Yamagata and Colorado Sister State Relationship, Opening Bank Account, Sending Money Overseas
PDFファイル 44.3 MB
July 2010
The Yamabushi of Haguro, Making a Difference, Employment Insurance
57FF -english.pdf
PDFファイル 4.1 MB
March 2010
Tozawa, Sui Hsiao, New Immigration Laws (2), Visit Heilongjiang
PDFファイル 575.3 KB
November 2009
The Nagai Robot Project, Megumi Yoshikawa, Changes to Immigration Law, Composting
PDFファイル 1.4 MB
July 2009
The Safflowers of Mogami, David McDonald, Thoughts from a Traveler
PDFファイル 1.7 MB
March 2009
Naoe Kanetsugu and Tenchijin, Mr. Blendi Barolli, Things I saw in Japan
PDFファイル 423.9 KB
December 2008
Natural Monuments, Dr. Freddy Yu, Taiwan DL・Wife's Child, The Barrier of "Haro".
PDFファイル 781.0 KB
July 2008
LINA WORLD, Guy Taylor, Trainees vs Skilled Labour, Free Software
PDFファイル 245.5 KB
March 2008
Somokuto, Johnny Mensah, FTF turns 50, Moving Info, Zao's Troubles
PDFファイル 288.9 KB
November 2007
Komahime and Senshoji, Reinhold Grinda, New JICA Staff, New Imm Procedures, New CIR
PDFファイル 582.0 KB
July 2007
Higashizawa Rose Garden, Hrebesh M S, Relative Invitation, Moving On
PDFファイル 183.4 KB
March 2007
Cherry Picking, Takahata Wine, Viktoriya Nesterova, Intl Marriage
PDFファイル 391.7 KB
November 2006
Soba Making, Oriental Carpet, Jessica Oppenheim, Social Welfare
PDFファイル 422.7 KB
July 2006
Glass Blowing, Jomon Village,Charles Ullmann,Change of Res. Status
PDFファイル 386.8 KB










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