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Happy holiday season! We at AIRY are wrapping up the end of 2020 with a new issue of Face To Face! 


In this issue, we have written not just one, but TWO "Yamagata In Focus" articles! They are both located in the Shonai Region. The first article is for Gyokusenji Temple, where the Coordiators of International Relations (CIRs) experienced some Zen Buddhist culture - sampling zazen, sutra-copying, and sutra-chanting. It was a surreal experience and a nice deep-dive into traditional Japanese religion! The second article is for Studio Sedic Shonai Open Set, where the CIRs went and explored various movie sets! The set has a collection of various movie locations that were used in various historical films. In addition to having the freedom to check out most all of the sets, there are various toys and activities you can try as well! Read all about it in this current issue!


For "International Insights", the CIR of Kaminoyama City, Hanna Ewa Maciejko, wrote about her experiences in Kaminoyama and various discoveries she has made during her time in Yamagata! 


For the "Counselling Corner", there is information about COVID-19 as well as about utilizing the Consultation Service for Businesses!


You can download the current issue by clicking on the image above or find past issues of our newsletter here!


We publish Face to Face three times a year. Each newsletter includes an exploration of a specific part of Yamagata, various voices and opinions from other foreigners living in Yamagata, as well as some tips and advice from our counselling corner.


We're always looking for writers for our International Insights section so feel free to contact us if you're interested!

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