Face To Face No. 82 is out!

With the sun shining and the cherry blossoms blooming, it feels like spring has come early this year! Celebrate the coming of the new season with the newest issue of Face To Face!


In this issue, we tried our hands at beeswax candle making with the first beeswax craftsperson in Japan - who happens to be from our very own Asahi Town! It's a fun experience and we had the opportunity to learn more about the nature and environment of Asahi Town, as well as about the important role of the bee.


In our International Insights, Kyungmin Kim, the Korean prefectural CIR who just finished her three terms writes about international exchange through shared interests.


Lastly, the Counselling Corner gives information about the difference between Youth Allowance and Child Support Allowance.


You can download the current issue by clicking on the image on the left or find past issues of our newsletter here!


We publish Face to Face three times a year. Each newsletter includes an exploration of a specific part of Yamagata, various voices and opinions from other foreigners living in Yamagata, as well as some tips and advice from our counselling corner.


We're always looking for writers for our International Insights section so feel free to contact us if you're interested!

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