【Murayama-area in Yamagata-city】Seminars for foreign residents in Yamagata 

AIRY is holding seminars for foreign residents in Yamagata prefecture. There will be two seminars in four areas, Mogami, Shonai, Okitama, and Murayama. Feel free to participate and let's study together!


Topic Ⅰ:How to manage stress (Lecturer:Reika Ichijou, Clinical Psychotherapist)

Topic Ⅱ:Manners and ceremonial functions (Lecturer: Yumi Kofuji, Daily Manner school representative)


Target audience:      ①Foreign residents who live in Yamagara prefecture

                                       ②People who are involved in supporting foreign residents (i.e. in local government offices and international exchange organizations)


<Mogami Area>

Target Area:Shinjo-shi, Kaneyama-machi, Manurogawa-machi, Sakekawa-mura, Tozawa-mura, Funagata-machi, Ookura-mura(※Obanazawa-shi, Ooishida-machi, and Murayama-shi are also welcome!)

Date:Sunday, June 14th (Manner), Saturday, June 27th (Stress)

Venue: Yumeria in Shinjo-shi (next to Shinjo-station)


<Shonai Area>

Target Area:Tsuruoka-shi, Sakata-shi, Yuza-machi, Mikawa-machi, Shonai-machi

Date & Venue:Saturday, July 4th (Stress) at Sakata-shi Kokusai Koryu Salon,

Saturday, July 11th, (Manner) at Dewa Shonai Kokusaimura


<Okitama Area>

Target Area:Yonezawa-shi, Nanyo-shi, Nagai-shi, Shirataka-machi, Takahata-machi, Kawanishi-machi, Iide-machi, Oguni-machi

Date:Saturday, September 5th (Stress), Saturday, September 12th (Manner) 

Venue:Yamagata University Engineering Department, Yonezawa Machinaka Satellite (next to YIRA, Yonezawa City International Relations Association)


※If you are driving, please park your car in Yonezawa Heiwa Douri Parking.


<Murayama Area>

 Target Area:Yamagata-shi, Kaminoyama-shi, Tendo-shi, Higashine-shi, Murayama-shi, Obanazawa-shi, Sagae-shi, Ooishida-machi, Kahoku-machi, Nakayama-machi, Yamanobe-machi, Asahi-machi, Ooe-machi, Nishikawa-machi

Date:October 18th, Sunday (Manner), October 31st, Saturday (Stress)

Venue:Yamagata ken Kokusai Koryu Center (Kajo Central 2nd floor, AIRY)

※If you are driving, please park your car in Hanagasa Parking(next to Terusa).

The time is 13:30~16:30 for all area. (Registration will open from 13:00)

Application Deadline: 3 days before the seminar you would like to participate in.

How to Apply:①TEL 023-647-2560 ②E-mail  →info@airyamagata.org

       ③FAX 023-646-8860(fill in the application form on the back of the flyer)

                            ④Come to AIRY office ⑤Send the on-line application form from below

Contact: Yuki Kawamukai, and Yoshihiko Abiko

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Application form

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