To prevent the accident caused by snow falling and snow shoveling on the roof ( NO.1 ).


Please be careful. Melting snow tend to fall off the roof.

When snow shoveling on the roof, you should keep in mind wearing safety rope and helmet, and working two persons or more.

Also, be careful of accidents of snowplow operation and falling snow from the roof.


As of Dec. 7 16:00there were 7 accidents from snow shoveling on

the roof and snowplow operation in Yamagata. ( 1 last year )

Please be extra careful.

~point for snow shoveling on the roof~

・melting snow 

・wear proper(safety) clothes

・use safety rope

・firmly set the ladder

・use proper tool

・work two persons or more

・do not do overly strenuous work

・watch your footing

~point for operation of snowplow~

・keep other persons away

・to remove accumulated snow in the machine、stop the engine and use snow removal rod.

・stop the engine soon after


・when backward, watch your footing and obstacle

In particular, there may be a lot of snow on Dec.13 and 14, so please be careful.



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