【Notice from Japan Red Cross Concerning the Typhoon Yolanda

Notice from Japan Red Cross Company Concerning for the Damages Done by Typhoon Yolanda (Typhoon No.30)


The Japan Red Cross Company started their Investigation Service done by the Typhoon Yolanda which directly attacked the central Philippines last November 8, 2013.

For the Philippine people residing here in Japan (included other nationality) who still cannot contact their families or relatives living in the Philippines after the Typhoon Yolanda, it is now possible to make a request for the safety investigation in the following 2 methods.


① Philippine Red Cross Company

Please contact directly in the mail address below.

(mail add.)sos@redcross.org.ph (can accept in English and Japanese languages)

l  Name of the person you’re looking for, Gender, Nationality, Date of Birth, Address, Telephone no., and your Relation to the person you’re looking

l  Name of the requesting person, Gender, Nationality, Date of Birth, Address, Telephone no., and other useful informations.


   ② Japan Red Cross Company

   Please write the important data in the safety investigation form and send it by fax or

   by mail written below.

  Fax: 03-3435-8509    Email: kokusai@jrc.or.jp


  For details Please take a look the homepage of Japan Red Cross Company













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