Multilingual Information on the Tohoku Earthquake

Multilingual Translation System


A translation program for useful phrases, jargons, time and names during disaster has been implemented.


Aichi Prefecture International Association (Template System for Translating Information into Multiple Language)


Translations are available from Japanese to English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.


Click on "利用説明" to see how to use the website.


Accommodation, transportation and food related information can be translated here:


Tohoku Earthquake: 24 Hours Hotline and Interpretation Service for Foreign Victims


For foreign victims of the disaster, 24 hours counseling and interpretation services can be found via Skype or MSN Messenger. Available languages: French, German, Italian and Thai etc.


For details, please see the following link:




Multilingual counseling services are also available at our association at 023-646-8861


Japanese: Tue – Sat

English: Tue – Sat

Korean: Thu & Sat

Chinese: Tue & Fri

Portuguese: Wed & Fri


Sending Aid to Victims - International Volunteer Center Yamagata -

They have temporarily terminated this service. Thank you for your support.



Shelters and Protections for the Disaster Victims


You can inquire about shelters and protections for disaster victims at the following (available in Japanese, English and Chinese):


Yamagata Disaster Mangement Department: Lifeline (available in Japanese, English and Chinese)


TEL: 023-625-1605, 023-625-1608, 023-625-1625


Hours of Operation: 8:00 ~ 20:00

(After 20:00, call 023-630-2550)


Please also view the FAQ section「よくあるお問い合わせ」on the Yamagata prefecture website:



First Aid Manual in 6 Languages (issued by Kochi International Association)


The Kochi International Relations Association published a First Aid Manual in 6 languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Taglog, Indonesian and Vietnamese)


The manual can be downloaded from the following link:

(Home >多文化共生コーナー>防災対策>(6)6カ国語版の応急手当マニュアルの発行)



Creating Multilingual Signs at Times of Disaster – Multilingual Sheet


You can find samples of phrases and vocabulary used in signs during emergency and disaster situations from the following source by the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR).



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