Yamagata Event: Snow Digging World Cup in Hijiori Onsen

Snow digging has been a traditional winter sports in Hijiori.


Hijiori is located deep in the mountain, and is known for heavy snow fall and good quality Onsen (hot spring)


Toji Hijiori will hold 2nd Snow Digging World Cup which is not really a world cup since we have never had foreign

participants! So we’d love to recruit you!



Feb.26 (Sat) - Feb.27 (Sun)



7,000 YEN / person




<<Feb.26, Sat>>

14:00 Meet at West Exit of JR SHINJO Station

15:00 Arrive at Hijiori Onsen. Ryokan Murai Rokusuke www.rokusuke.jp

18:00- Authentic Hijiori Style Dinner & party


<<FEb.27, Sun>>

8:00 Japanese style Breakfast

9:30 Get ready and leave for Hijiori school ground (15min walk)

10:00-12:45 Snow Digging World Cup. Gambare!

13:00- Lunch at a local restaurant *not included in the price

14:00 Sayonara (We’ll take you to JR Shinjo St.)


Contact Person: RIMIKO MURAI

Mobile: 080-6009-9835

E-mail: rimiko@gmail.com


See the flyer for more details!

Snow Digging Flyer
Snow Digging World Cup Flyer.pdf
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